Friday, November 2, 2012


v r here in this world  living with lots of worries ,comforts, relations...etc...

when v open our eyes for our parents v r the complete world..v grow up start our social circle many people come n go..v make friend...a few of them become obligatory part of our lives...our blood relations with people ...back of our mind v think these are the ones who will always b there..n without them v wont even b able to breathe anymore...n bla bla bla...but u knw wat happens wen v lose any of the relation...any one person....what happens??? A CHAPTER CLOSES....the life goes on...whoever the person was...either a friend or a parent once departed from this world his chapter closes as they never existed...v only remember them wen v need them...otherwise our life goes v are made dat

                                                                                                            (written by MC)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Today : Life after 15 years.....

15 years back, means in 1997-98. I was in college doing Pre-Engineering. It was time of pentium 2-3 ( reachable prices) although p4 was available but p2-p3 were used by majority. use of bicycle was frequent by peoples. motorcycle was a luxury for middle class people. There were only couple of tv channels i.e PTV, NTM, PTV2. No concept of cable network. Internet was only available at dialup ( ptcl landline numbers). Very limited mobile users. Plenty of time after school/college for playing outdoor games, gossips on street corners about society, friends. On roads, we can easily find people travelling in Tangas. What a time was that. Daily a sitting in home with family chaired by Abba jaan. no match for today;s routine.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is love.

Off course, we all have different answer, mostly based on our experiences. But i was thinking last night, what actually is this. This is one of the most important and disastrous relation or force in one's life. But i am still confused that what actually is love. In our country, there are many love marriages around us, but very soon, after marriage, they came to know that it wasn't what they sacrificed for. Actually, we or human beings are made for living in fantasies. If we think in reality, then we will notice that we are living in fantasy. befor marriage, every thing seems to be fantasy. But after that we came to know that although love is necessary but this is not the only thing we require. Only love can't be every thing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joy Vs Money

If we look from our ist memory in our life, we will notice one thing. There is a inverse relation ship between joy and money. As much money you are trying to earn, as much far you are getting from joy. Joy just didn't meant by laughing, gathering, hanging out, movies, dates etc. It means some thing more meaningful but very simple. Joy is something that make you satisfy and calm. That let you love and live. You will notice that in our childhood, when there was no struggle for money, we were happy. No tention. No hustles. No Cheating. No frauds. No smoking. No drinking. No flirting. Means there was nothing bad in us. We were happy without money. Although money was a basic need then too. We always desired for as much money as our father or elders has. To take a lot of sweets, toys, games. But now when we have it, we are tense. If I remember my childhood, I wasn't a happy eater. I was and I am addict of video games and toffees. At that time, we just has daily pocket money, which I mostly spend on these two things. I always wished to have more and more money to have a lot of these things. But now, when I have, I don't have time for such things. I never went to that game shop where I used to spent a lot of time after school, on off days, in school break time. I don't want to have my childhood as many other has the same desire. It was lovely but it doesn't mean that we should always live there…

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new Entry

New entry is not always welcomed but mostly they bring very pleasant feelings. New entries mostly bring a revolution and a change in your life. New thoughts, new life, new plans and many such things. Some times they bring responsibilities as well but i think Allah gave us power to took the responsibility and courage to bear those new changes.