Saturday, May 26, 2012

Today : Life after 15 years.....

15 years back, means in 1997-98. I was in college doing Pre-Engineering. It was time of pentium 2-3 ( reachable prices) although p4 was available but p2-p3 were used by majority. use of bicycle was frequent by peoples. motorcycle was a luxury for middle class people. There were only couple of tv channels i.e PTV, NTM, PTV2. No concept of cable network. Internet was only available at dialup ( ptcl landline numbers). Very limited mobile users. Plenty of time after school/college for playing outdoor games, gossips on street corners about society, friends. On roads, we can easily find people travelling in Tangas. What a time was that. Daily a sitting in home with family chaired by Abba jaan. no match for today;s routine.

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