Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of the Inner weakness

Love And Hate are 2 of other emotions mostly known to living beings.

But in my point of view, they are the outlets of the inside weakness for the one who own them for oneself, or even if they distribute anyone of them to other.

It’s all a confusing mystery that one can’t ever reach the conclusion. Both of the emotions have their Positive and negative aspects if found powerful ever.

Parents! They love their children more than anyone in the world can’t ever, which makes their children, strong and powerful, but at the same time they feel very weak inside being in love with their children in many other phases of life.

Being in love sometimes makes you so helpless. if it’s something powerful why is that so? That one gets ready to quit life? why don’t they get the courage out of it to go through life in a better manner?

Even regarding hatred; it makes you retarded sometimes if this emotion is powerful enough in your heart and you give it an outlet, you sometimes lose each and everything in your life which you have earned in life earlier, makes you and others feel embarrassed, it brings disgrace, tension, disorder in ones personality and in life too. Then how can we say that something that destructive is Powerful??

Isn’t it a maze really? To get to the exact opinion.


Fatima Saleem

What is Powerfull: Love or Hate

Some days ago i was thinking about all this but amzingly, i didnt reach any conclusion. Which one is more powerfull? That is my question. I know 90% of the people will say without thinking dat love is more powerfull but i would like to say that this is just an illusion. Just an answer. But i think dat some time hate can be a power, a strength, a thing which can make you live, a thing which can help to have success. Its reality or just my own imagination. I just want to have your opinions to clear ma mind. and i hope that you wont do it right now. Think before commenting. I am also planning to review my thoughts about this topic and its possible that i may remove this topic. Till then waiting for ur responses so dont BMJ and write some thing.