Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is Powerfull: Love or Hate

Some days ago i was thinking about all this but amzingly, i didnt reach any conclusion. Which one is more powerfull? That is my question. I know 90% of the people will say without thinking dat love is more powerfull but i would like to say that this is just an illusion. Just an answer. But i think dat some time hate can be a power, a strength, a thing which can make you live, a thing which can help to have success. Its reality or just my own imagination. I just want to have your opinions to clear ma mind. and i hope that you wont do it right now. Think before commenting. I am also planning to review my thoughts about this topic and its possible that i may remove this topic. Till then waiting for ur responses so dont BMJ and write some thing.


  1. Exterem emotions no matter which ever they are " LOVE Or Hate" are always Powerfull, whether in positive or negative directions.

  2. both of em are equally powerful if taken in their true primarily depends on our ownselves wat v make it 4 us...wise people always take everythng positvly while others...other side also show us dose people who make luv or hatred their weekness is ur own way of thnking...they are extremes of emotions n equally powerful..equal n magnitude but opposite in direction...some one once said dat LOVE IS A VECTOR QUANTITY.:) i thnk hatred is also a vector its up to u buddies...n BMJ?