Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sharing !

Although sharing something is supposed to be necessary for all social animals including Human Beings. It is found that animals also share with each other via different means. Sharing something works very similar to an opening in water dam, to maintain the water level of the dam. Sometime, you have to open the opening to lessen the pressure/level of the dam. Similarly, if we don’t share things, it can increase our temper level. It can mentally disturb. So to neutralize the build up pressure we have to lessen the level a little bit. So sharing is the best tool. I know that not all of you will agree with me but I am sure that mostly of you, WILL.


  1. Hey people out there hi …yue dear seeker u r absolutely rite dat a normal person cant live peacefully widout sharing ..but wat I believe is dat one cant share eVerythng wid only one person..u need different people to share ur r ur parents n frnds…but not all of frnds…u should chose best people to whom wid share to…but once again one thing dat if u cannot keep ur deeeepest secrets closed in ur 32 teeth how can u believe dat somebody else can keep em:) wish u all life fed wid roses..keep sharing but b aware of JADUGARS do wat ur heart says

  2. Agreed. I'm a very open person. I don't hide anything of myself, I share it all. Maybe a little too much, sometimes....

    Come check out my blog if you want to see some examples of sharing.