Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tears and Smiles

They are obviously opposite entities. But watching them together is as unique moment as watching a rainbow after rain. They are like Lemon water, at a time , sweet and salty. Happiness and joyness in the same moment and you got confused that you have to weep or to laugh.


  1. tears n smile is just day and nitre ...wen we luagh alot da tears of happiness look like pearls...but at the other end when someone is really in pain n is weeping wid tears he /her has to smile 4 da world n dats da worst u all n wish u all a life fed of roses....keep shmiling..but wid tears like pearls:)

  2. What a lovely way to look and tears and smiles! I love the last line ... not knowing whether to cry or laugh!

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

    Small Footprints

  3. We must laugh more than tears.So live happily everyday.