Friday, January 30, 2009

Friendship or Love

Now a days, i am searching for difference between love and friendship. Some time, they seems alike and sometime they look totally different. But i think both have different terms and conditions. some times lover cant b friend and vise versa. because the things we share with friends, cant b shared with friends. and the favors for a lover cant be offered to friends. Mostly friends promoted to lover but if some lover is demoted then there is no place for him/her in even friends list. so be carefull to differentiate btw both of them. Because your neglicance cant hurt some one really bad.


  1. dear truth seeker u look confused in dear seeker u r totally wrong dat if lover is demoted to frnd there is no place 4 him/her in even 4nd wat difference is love is an uninvited guest... but 4ndship can be made at ur own plz dose people shudnot b punished who r demoted,,,, v r da one who can make place in our 4ndlist...n yea fndship can have love in it but love only has 4ndship in case its 4m both sides...... wish u all a life fed of roses....n people out dere beware of dis uninvited guest...or u'lll b in gr8 lost

  2. Love always requires the best wishes to her/him. But friendship does not.

  3. Sometimes, a friend can be a lover.
    Sometimes, a lover can be a friend.
    there is a possibility.

    (eat plenty of fruit!)


  4. Love is the spice of the earth.
    Love between friends, love between lovers and love for all things. We must know the differences,not always its one size fits all.

  5. Sometimes a friend can be a lover.
    Sometimes a lover can be a friend.

    When you find one who is both, then you are truly blessed.

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