Friday, November 2, 2012


v r here in this world  living with lots of worries ,comforts, relations...etc...

when v open our eyes for our parents v r the complete world..v grow up start our social circle many people come n go..v make friend...a few of them become obligatory part of our lives...our blood relations with people ...back of our mind v think these are the ones who will always b there..n without them v wont even b able to breathe anymore...n bla bla bla...but u knw wat happens wen v lose any of the relation...any one person....what happens??? A CHAPTER CLOSES....the life goes on...whoever the person was...either a friend or a parent once departed from this world his chapter closes as they never existed...v only remember them wen v need them...otherwise our life goes v are made dat

                                                                                                            (written by MC)

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