Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is love.

Off course, we all have different answer, mostly based on our experiences. But i was thinking last night, what actually is this. This is one of the most important and disastrous relation or force in one's life. But i am still confused that what actually is love. In our country, there are many love marriages around us, but very soon, after marriage, they came to know that it wasn't what they sacrificed for. Actually, we or human beings are made for living in fantasies. If we think in reality, then we will notice that we are living in fantasy. befor marriage, every thing seems to be fantasy. But after that we came to know that although love is necessary but this is not the only thing we require. Only love can't be every thing.

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  1. love is somethng which urges u for sacrifices,make u feel happy wen u c ur loved ones happy...the actuall love of which examples are always given of mother 4 her child proves dis dat lov is sacrifice not possessing,love is not to b with someone physiycally but to always hav a person in ur mind and heart,love is wen u dnt know the reason but stil u do,love is wen despite of knowing bad habits,bad thngs of ur loved one u still love him/her...this is LOVE in my view