Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new Entry

New entry is not always welcomed but mostly they bring very pleasant feelings. New entries mostly bring a revolution and a change in your life. New thoughts, new life, new plans and many such things. Some times they bring responsibilities as well but i think Allah gave us power to took the responsibility and courage to bear those new changes. 


  1. a new entry is not always pleasent for everyone,but yea it might bring some changes in one's thinking,personality or maybe one's aproach towards life,it may change one's mind set not but instantly but gradually,so a new entry more or less effects one's personality not always but most of the is actually a changing phenomena,it keeps on changing whether someone enters or leaves our life.wish u a happy life with THIS and other new entries aswell :).wish u all a life fed of roses.

  2. agree to chirya above.
    Change is the law of life.
    sometimes an exit brings such a change in ur life after which no entery uplifts ur life an innerself, though the outward life n its activities go on futher as it is..but the life with in i.e the life of your thoughts capability to go through the new experiences confidence an trust etc,bocomes stand still at tht particular point jst like stagnent waters,,,well all the opinions depend on the experiences gud or bad,,,
    yes i agree tht Allah gives us the strength to survive wid it,,,