Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving something.......

Animals mostly get in touch with things like people, places or other animals. We being a type of animal, also possess such properties. We also get in touch with other people, things, places, environment and the ways we daily pass. We are made like this. So when we get away from these places, leave those places, change our paths, we can be disturbed. Some time this can hurt too. There are many times when we suffer all that. We change our old family residence due to some reason, Our school, office, shop or any place where we go daily, got shifted. Some special person get far away from us ( temporary or permanently). All these things make us disturb. So In all above mentioned times, we need some good time, some one to take care, some one to say us a warm welcome or a happy good bye. May be these things are too small but this can cure some one. The thing i want to say to all of you is just that "Never ever hesitate to give a little smile at someone's face, A little braveness to some one's heart. a little support to someone's mind."

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  1. It certainly creates disturbnce 4 us when a change occurs,and if the change is in the form that a person or ur loved one or a person whom presence may give u comfort leaves u (temporarily or permanently) a huge gap is created,it may change one’s entire life but definitely a few kind words or gestures of a friend or a person near u console u…and v all should surely do it 4 our 4rnds ,relatives and anyone who needs dat,but v have to make sure that v make the person stand on his ownself n not get addicted to us.wish u all a life fed of roses