Monday, October 27, 2008

New Entry......

Many times in your life, you met people who are un-forgettable. You have especial and strong but unexpressed feelings. Will you share those feelings with us.......Dont think a lot and say what you havent said yet.


  1. yes there are .. poeple who are most unforgettable ones are people whom u have loved so dearly and one whom u have kept in ur heart .. these pepole have some speacial place in ur lives be it ur son, husband , maother father or relative or a friend or even a loved one ... each aspect shares diffrent love, one after the other like love of family and love of friends and love of a love one may differ one after the other ... but loving some one in ur heart and keepin em would always make life worth while and them moemnts u always cherished together ill be treasured now and forever .... what ever it is always these moemnts shared together will never be forgotten ... i have kept one in mah heart too and i swear ill never ever forget hiom all mah life and its u mah friend ... what ever it takes ull always be here up and down inside out ....kept inside the deepest chamber of mah heart and ill only let u go thats day if u really wanted to let go..... all i want you to know I LOVE U NOW AND FOREVER .... LOVE U NOW AND FOREVER ..... loveubabe.....

  2. unforgetable people,a very few in entire life of a man....those who become the source of ur smile n those because of whom u cried alot.....such people leave memories whether good or baad but r always painful as these people becum part of our paaast the moments we smiled 2gether...the moments we laughed n cried 2gether hurt us when bcum a part of past bt yea these few people r real gems of our life....I LOVE those few people n will always do.may GOD bless em

  3. n people i luv n cant ever 4get !........will always remain here in the core of my heart either they want 2 b here or not:)