Sunday, October 12, 2008

Losing some one.......

In our life, Many of things have a lot of importance. But ............. We have lost them. And after loosing, we found that they were the most precious things in our life. and after that, they make us feel that after them the life is no more beautiful. Sharing can make you feel better. So do it right now.


  1. Have u ever realized it and though to sit back and think about it that the importance of some thing or some one is only seen....when its done and its over...... its always like that that the worth of some one is only realized .. when they are gone in our lives,,, and it always becomes a mystery when u love u pour it all nah only after u wil soon realized it that its all over before regretting it ... because when one day one is lost the ull come to realized it that shes or hes so valuable to u it maybe have been too late baby . as they say when it rains pour it on .... AND BE HAPPY MWUAHHHHHHHHH

  2. iiiiiiiiiii dont want to loose a friend ... i dont want to losee a love one and i dont want to lose anything what ever it takes am gonna keep it with me in mah heart bec loosing some one is the most painful pain one could ever have in ones life ... maybe u have expeienced that one day in ur life ... keep him or her no matter what it takes so ull never loose her or him . if its destiny or really loosing her or him then its god will nah ours and all we cxan do is to keep it in our hearts and value and cherished it forever never to forget it .

  3. many people might have experienced the pain of losing the moost loved one but a few r those who wait 4 da pain of sumone being lost....both r realy dreadful...losing a person u loved the most,ur soul,ur life.....its painful ,,,,painful jst like thorns keep on hurting u each n every moment...ur life becums a drama jst to show people u r alive jst 2 show them ur smile.....losing the relations which were made by GOD n losing those who v made ourselves is equally one can do anything,no one can help his/herself...b/c loosing is afterall a part of life n this is jst a game of our fates....but i never wana loose sum.... especial....still cant help myself :(

  4. In my experiences, the sorrow and hurt that comes from losing someone is usually followed by joyous times. I'm not saying this will happen to everyone, but in my lifetime, I've lost three people, two of which have passed on and one of which is no longer an intimate part of my life.

    My grandmother passed away, that was a hurt I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. However, through the pain my family found strength and we came together and we are a closer, tighter unit now than we ever were.

    My father passed away, I didn't really know him because he was in my life. However, through his death I learned more about him than I did throughout his life and for that I'm thankful.

    I broke up with a girlfriend. We both realized how naive we were in the relationship and through our breakup have become better friends.

    3 losses, 3 recoveries, losing someone doesn't mean that they're gone forever.