Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hapiest moment......

Lets today share the most happiest moment of UR lief. i hope dat u will have one and if still not, then just have as sooon as possible because i need it badly..... :)


  1. hey people it seems dat nobody has da happiest moment....yea i also dnt have any HAPPIEST or may b v think every pain to b da biggest one but every happines a very small one so actualy wat v hav 2 do is 2 collect little happy moments 2 make our life happy wish u all the best my dear friend n wanw c u, n u alll out there happy.b happy n make others too.:)

  2. i think, the most happiest moment of life should be dat one when u made some one happy. because if u take care of the happiness and peace for others , Allah will take care of urs.